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    butterflycp - help needed?

    Hello you all,
    if you remember, a few months ago I had posted here, looking for help for adapting our existing control panel to the open-source model.

    If you go to our development site ( and have a look at the photo gallery (link on top), you'll see that we're actually going somewhere.

    Alas, the project is still not nearing completion.

    What we have achieved so far is:
    - a complete rewrite of the client-server structure
    - templating
    - now heavily relies on a database
    - create/edit accounts/users
    - edit dns zones
    - an elaborate privileges system

    This is very powerful AND flexible.
    Thing is, the rewritten version allows you to add modules in any language of your choice. The main backend still is a compiled C program, however most new modules are written in PHP.

    I wish to thanks our current contributors, who are the core of the effort; however, at first, there was more of us. But it turns out that many people were more interested in coming up with a nice name for the CP than writing actual code.

    With the new code structure, I hope that more people will be interested in actually coding modules for the project.
    You must know that we've already done a lot of work and this is *not* vaporware.

    So, if you're interested in taking part in the adventure, please contact me. Only if you are SERIOUS about coding!

    ps: and some dimwit bought the domain name ('') the very day when we decided on that if anyone has a suggestion for a new name...

    ps2: Since it's open-source, I have posted here. However, I am really not 100% sure that it's what I should have done. In that case, I wish to thank the mods in advance for transferring this thread to the according forum (sorry for th extra work, guys). - the Social Internet Toolbox.

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    I would love to work on this project. Please email me.

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