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    Question Bigsite of Hosting - Any good?

    I'm considering getting a reseller account with them. Are they any good? Anyone had experience with them?

    You can find them at:

    Anyone know how long they've been around. They do offer 99.9% uptime. They are registered in the UK.


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    I have been there about month now and so far so good, fast servers, uptime perfect and great support.


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    I would say they are just getting started:
    In case the thread disappears, you should know that it looks like TomasJ has won free hosting from them 08-06-2002, so his opinion may be biased. Of course they could still be a great host.
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    hello readers,
    we have recently started our hosting service and would like to offer WHT people to have a go at our service.
    Therefore we are giving away 3 free 1year hosting plans -
    each has
    - 10MB space
    - unlimited emails
    - unlimited databases
    - cgi/perl etc
    NO BANNERS will be forced on you, but if you want to place one as a way of saying thank you, you are more than welcomed to (we give 10% commission for any signups a referrer brings if they sign up as our affiliate, check site for details)

    Well I would be going to the Gym right now and if I dont get any replies after I come back I will take it noone is interested and take the offer off.

    Many thanks for all your support
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    I am the second.
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    that was quick!

    can you both (and the 3rd person) visit the site and enter your details in the signup page (put hosting plan as others and when it comes to payment processing just close it and drop me a mail and i will have it setup for you.)


    BTW, let me know your email here too so that i can cross check and know you are from WHT.
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    which hosting plan to choose ???
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    I'm the third
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    Please choose 'other' from the hosting plans.
    so far the order has come in the following -

    (Out of them only AlexShow has signed up in our signup form.)

    Please note we can only host your site if you have a valid domain name (dns information is provided in the site). We cannot setup your account without a domain name.
    Alternatively you can purchase a domain name from us for $8.95/yr .
    Which ones of you are interested in becoming our affiliate?
    Since theres more than 3 people here we need to make a decision.

    Many thanks
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