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    In space! well, my internet is from space

    Looking for Work. can Do lots of things.

    I have knowledge in running a web hosting company, so I know how to provide support. I built servers and installed and configured Red Hat 7.0-7.3 & Windows 2000/.Net many of times. Many of times I have install Ensim and administrated it many of times as well. I used a reseller account for almost 2 years with WHM (cPanel). I have a good attitude and can handle impatient customers. I know how create scripts in php, and have light skills in web design. I believe I will be a wonderful addition to your team. I can think up answers to questions fast, can type up to 60 WPM, and average at 45 WPM.

    I am on the computer atleast 5 hours per day. And my messanger is on all the time. On weekends I am on a good 10 hours. I can provide support.

    I am looking for a server for my work, or I can get paid per support request, per hour, how ever you want. I am highly flexable.

    Contact me:
    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    AOL: smartmlp1
    ICQ: 112460130

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    do you make good sandwiches?

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    Check your PM inbox

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    Originally posted by BSHalty
    do you make good sandwiches?
    I can make a mean turkey sub!!

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    Hell nah lol.

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