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Thread: Mail Scanner?

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    Question Mail Scanner?

    I am looking for a Email Virus Scanner to install on a Raq server. any suggestions?

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    * There is


    If you search the archives you will find that there is a pkg available from bassi.

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    Downloaded and would like to know if there might be any surprises. I am a newbie and would rather ask than crash.........

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    No bad surprise to expect but read and follow intructions carefully. This mailscanner tool is amazing but interferes with your Sendmail and email server, so BACKUP FIRST (applies to anything you do on a server by the way) and either use the PKG or do it manually - then come back here if you're stuck.
    Seems to best the best tool in his category, it can be used to catch viruses and to stop Spam, its author seems great and ready to help, so I'd say go for it . The only problem we encounter is that the scanner sometimes stops and we have to restart it manually, probabaly only a slight conf problem on that particular Cobalt because on the other two we use it on it does'nt happen.

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