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    Question site5 or dot5hosting

    I was wondering if you guys could help me out by choosing one of the host that i'm trying to buy. (im gonna leave .. i've needed the site prepared for tomorrow but things got .. you know..)

    So.. here are the options:

    Site5 - APEX

    Web Space - 350 MB
    High-availability Bandwidth - 15000 MB
    POP Email Accounts - 100
    Mailing Lists - 5
    MySQL Databases - 5
    Domain Pointers - 5
    Sub Domains - 50
    Additional FTP Accounts - 50
    Setup Fee - FREE!
    Monthly Fee (prepaid yearly) - $18.95
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Uptime Guarantee (99.5%)
    Price Freeze Guarantee
    Power Backup (UPS)
    24x7x365 Server Monitoring
    Superior Tech Support
    Access to Community Forums
    NetAdmin Control Panel
    Private IP Address
    Unlimited Email Aliases
    FrontPage 2002 Extensions
    Streaming Real Media
    Unlimited Email Autoresponders
    Unlimited Email Filters
    Catch-All Email Box
    GnuPG PGP Clone
    Webmail Interface
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    Private CGI-bin
    Site-wide CGI Access
    PHP 4.1.0 & Zend Optimizer
    Perl 5 & Additional Modules
    VRML Support
    Flash/Shockwave Support
    WAP/WML/Wireless Support
    XML Support
    Tool Command Language (TCL)
    Java 2 SDK
    Access to Raw Logs
    Webalizer Site Statistics
    Analog Site Statistics
    SSL Secure Server Access
    Search Engine Promotion Tool
    10 Pre-installed CGI Scripts
    Password Protection
    Cron Job Editor
    MX Record Modifications
    Free Perl Module Installs
    Custom MIME Settings
    ImageMagick Support
    phpMyAdmin Access
    Web Based File Manager
    Custom Error Pages
    SSH Access Upon Request
    Anonymous FTP
    Network Tools
    Java Chat Room
    Free Account Upgrades


    Dot5hosting - Dot Three

    Space - 500mb
    Bandwidth - 20GB
    Setup Cost FREE!
    Yearly Fee - $149.99
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Domains Hostable - 3
    FTP Access
    Control Panel
    MySQL - 3
    CGI Access
    Web-Based Email
    Sub-domains - Unlimited
    POP3 Accounts - Unlimited
    Email Alias - Unlimited
    Email Forwarding - Unlimited
    Autoresponders -Unlimited
    Protected Directories
    FrontPage Extensions
    Web Statistics
    Error Pages
    Domain Pointers -3
    Free DNS Changes
    Anonymous FTP
    Miva Merchant
    Tomcat JSP

    My website consists on a music band website that will have videos, lots of pictures and a forum (vbulletin).
    So... if you were me what package you'll choose?

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    I think site5 could do the job for me

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    I would go with Site5. They have been around for MUCH longer than Dot5 (who is only months old), and have a proven track record of offering quality services. Let us know who you end up going with, and good luck

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    i'll probably go with site5.
    looks like their support (this is now my magic word lol) is very good.

    Thx guys

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    Well, I must say that has performed exemplarily for me. They have excellent support and good prices.

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    From what I have read on the forums they both seem like excellent choices.....but I can only give a personal experience with dot5hosting, and they have been stellar in the couple of months I have been with them...Very good support and very prompt.....

    Best of luck with your choice

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