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    Basic Question on FrontPage extension

    Hi All,

    I have never use front page and I use dream weaver as my
    html editor.

    Why do we need to install frontpage extension on apache
    server? is it in order to run own stand alone webserver?

    Any help appreciated i jsut want to knwo the concept of installing front page extension.

    Sorry if this is stupid question.


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    The purpose of installing Frontpage Extensions on your server is:

    I. If your a web hosting provider
    To allow your customers to use different features that are unique to frontpage extensions.

    II. If your a customer
    It is to allow yourself to take advantage of different features offered by Frontpage. This can include automatic graphical counters, and other nice stuff. I personally dont use Frontpage for more then testing so I can't tell you all the features Frontpage offers. But a lot of people use it, and ask for it, so it should be good.
    Walter Landman
    Simplicato - Email Hosting

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