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    Heal Center


    Can you please make any comments/suggestions about This is being designed for a heal center in Atlanta. They do stuff like aromatherapy, reflexology and other spiritual stuff.

    Anything will be appreciated.

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    Sorry, only negative things to say. Don't hate me for it

    Huge bright pink blob stared at me when I opened the site. It's a lovely rose. But does it have to be so big and Not to mention in the middle where you should put your important information?

    Backgrounds for the graphics heal, atlanta and center does not match the rest of the background. So you see they're square blocks put on the page. Make them transparant.

    Talking about the background... it doesn't connect properly. The "bars" don't mee up right. It looks like the picture you used for background isn't large enough to cover the entire screen and I only use 800x600 view. And although green is a lovely colour it's not all that suited for a background. Especially not bright green with a huge bright pink rose on it.

    And when I click on Our Journey I am taken to a page where I am suddenly introduced with a new colour scheme. Yellow and blue.

    Stick with the same colour scheme throughout the site.

    Back to the drawing board?

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    Nadav, back to the drawing board...
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    Nadav-- your color scheme! *my eyes!!!!*
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    I could not find anything on your site except a pink rose and a hand with thorns (I think), some text that too looks blur. Nothing there to review.

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    I don't see anything to review either.

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