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    Looking for Cpanel Licences

    Does anyone know where I can find one?? Thanks.

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    kcd-mike, I think he is looking for discounted licenses.... and I think you know that too.... so stop being a smart ass.

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    no i didnt because he didnt say, and to tell ya the truth i couldnt find the cpanel site at first so thats why i posted it. Also gotwind if you ARE looking for discounted cpanel licenses take a look at this post.

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    thanks for replying. Yes I was looking for discounted CPanel licenses. Does anyone know where I can just buy out the license instead of paying month to month? Thanks.

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    Sometimes people sell the odd CPanel lience. Look out for offers here at WHT.

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    I think ALL licences are monthly for cpanel arent they ? i didnt think it was possible to just buy one outright.
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    June-Nov Special During the months of June - Nov 2002 we will be selling licenses for a one time fee $1400. This includes one year of basic support, as well as free upgrades for two years, or to any newer version of cPanel 4 (whichever is longer). Please contact [email protected] for more information. If you obtained a coupon for this offer, please be sure to mention it in your email to billing.
    that was on the cpanel site so i guess you can buy one outright but its gonna cost bigtime!!

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    that's why I am looking for discounts

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    It doesn't sound like this offer is available with resellers. If you want the one-time option, you have to go directly to


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