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    Looking for Win2k Dedicated Server.

    Im looking for a windows 2000 dedicated server. You have to be really generous on price, as I just got laid off, and looking for the best deal possible. I need as much bandwidth as you can give me 50gigs or more, pentium 3 processor, 800mhz or more, lots of memory roughly 500mb or more, and some standard features such as possible control panel, etc....

    Also i ask that you consider investing the server. You will get HALF of the profits made every month, advertising space to advertise products/services, etc.. Please reply to this or contact me at the following for more information:

    Email:[email protected]
    AIM: Romeo77718
    Yahoo!: Punisher666_99

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    Wrong forum, you have to post in the request forums. Hosts are not allowed to make offers in this one.

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    damn, seems like im posting everything in the wrong forums, lol..

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    Moderator.. Please delete this.

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