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    Dualboot questions

    I have WinXP installed and would like to have a copy of RH 7.3 installed for local developement and perfecting my skills. So what I want to do is dual boot the two oses.

    I understand that you should install Windows and then linux. Well before I go and do this I have a few questions.

    Is there a way I can be in Windows at the same time that Linux is running? If not, I have seen VMWare and was wondering is there something like this but freeware? If not then I will look into VMWare some more.

    Thanks ahead of time,

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    No, you definitely can not run Windows and Linux on the same system at the same time. You can use various tools to try and emulate Win32 to run applications with in things like WINE, etc., but I've personally never wanted to bother and don't know how well that emulation works or not.
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    Windows with Linux is not allowed on the same machine simultaneously.

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    VMWare is the only software that I am aware of that allows you to run Windows on top of Linux.

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    VMWare is the best for this.

    you can boot linux on top of windows or vice versa, and ping/telnet/ssh/http/pop and anything that you want as both behave as independent machines.

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