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    memory upgrade - what should 1GB look like?

    Ok, so maybe I'm having a stupid day here. Please help me out.

    My dedicated server was just upgraded to 1GB, and here's what I'm seeing:

    total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached:
    Mem: 922353664 893784064 28569600 0 272564224 148287488
    Swap: 2146754560 2732032 2144022528
    MemTotal: 900736 kB
    MemFree: 27900 kB
    MemShared: 0 kB
    Buffers: 266176 kB
    Cached: 143140 kB
    SwapCached: 1672 kB
    Active: 193496 kB
    Inactive: 564456 kB
    HighTotal: 0 kB
    HighFree: 0 kB
    LowTotal: 900736 kB
    LowFree: 27900 kB
    SwapTotal: 2096440 kB
    SwapFree: 2093772 kB

    Is that 1GB of memory? This is a Duron, if it matters.


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    Different programs can report different things, I found this perl program to be good.

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    922,353,664 is close to 1 GB...

    Maybe that is right.


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    I think your kernel may need to be rebuilt to support the larger amount of memory. I have had to have this done to a couple of servers when I upgraded memory.
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    It is indeed the kernel. It won't use more than 896something without a HIGHMEM kernel. Thanks

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    MemTotal: 900736 kB
    MemFree: 27900 kB

    i think thats the area that specifies memory

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    I've also read somewhere that "registered ECC" DDR RAM actually reports as less RAM than the total chips installed. Something to do with the addressing scheme or something. I'm no RAM expert, though. I think I read that info at a motherboard manufacturer's web site, so it's instantly suspect. They claimed their motherboard supported 4GB of installed RAM, but that it would only show around 3.5GB of available RAM from the OS.
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