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    In your mind who do YOU!Think has the best reseller plan?and why?

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    OLM has a pretty decent plan though there are things I don't like about it as well. To come up with the best eh? Hmmmm. Any resellers out there? - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    So far I've been very happy with Ventures Online. Paul and Daniel have done a ton of stuff for me that they COULD have charged me for but didn't. I'm really looking forward to the automated script. That will make my life so much easier. Overall I give them a 99% approval rating. The only thing I have a problem with is that they don't allow resellers to setup secure server certs and they charge $50 bucks to set it up... I guess if they allowed resellers to sell the reseller plans that would be nifty, but I have yet to see and VDI companies do that (dunno why, but a lot of Alabanza companies seem to).

    There's my $.02

    Oh yeah, I forgot the why part...

    I would have to say the fact that they offer a full 50% discount is part of it. But more then anything the plans they offer are top of the line AND they have yet to take longer then a couple of hours to return emails. Plus with VDI companies in general it would be easy to upgrade to a dedicated/co-located server once the business grows.

    There... that's my $.04...

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