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    Reseller/Sales Opportunity, no required hours

    If anyone is interested in just making a little extra cash on the side we have referral programming setup or through cpanel can do total reseller accounts.

    With the referral you will get 50% of the first two months of the package cost when you refer someone to us (or 10% of the two yearly accounts). We have complete tracking so all you would have to do is link them to our site with a special link and they will be tracked. Once they signup we will let you know and will issue you a check every 30 days with all the referral money you have earned.

    With the reseller plan you can resell novanix plans for any price (still getting 50% of the first two months package cost) and setup the accounts yourself on our server or have us set them up. You can have as much or as little control over your clients as you would like, cpanel has a very expansive reseller control panel.

    Do as much or as little work no minimum refferer amount.

    Anyway you can contact me at:
    email: [email protected]
    aim: NovanixCorp
    icq: 64081817
    msn: [email protected]
    yahoo: novanix

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    I would be interested my aim sn is LuDaDaBuDa And That is my Yahoo sn also!


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    we have an affiliate page up now at:

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