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    Question Natural Eye Correction?

    I was searching for something on Google and I found:

    Anyone here try it? I was wondering if it'd help prevent my eyes from getting worse (in terms of near-sightedness).

    Also, does computer use make your vision worse too?
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    Re: Natural Eye Correction?

    Originally posted by mind21_98
    use make your vision worse too?
    If it causes near-sightedness, then maybe it can help cancel out my long-sightedness

    I haven't the patience to read through that site right now - but I'll have a look later. I haven't tried it though.

    Shaun Ewing

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    yes, staring at a computer for prolonged hours IS in fact hamrful to your eyes. Good informational site.

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    I have saved the page. I will read it in leisure time. Seems something informative.

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