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    * Do search engine scan through database?

    We just made a database for lyrics (for searching paticular lyrics - etc), till now we had html pages linking to txt files for the lyrics...which the search engine scanned through and the lyrics are visible on the internet. but will the search engine scan through the databse (mysql) which we made for lyrics? if not ! is there any way we can make it the search engines are able to scan through it......??

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    yes do like a mysql query and go SELECT * FROM table LIKE apple or something mess with it youll get ti....
    -Robert Norton

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    are u sure they scan through (mysql) database's???

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    They won't scan through the database, because if they could do that then anyone could browse your database, which you don't want

    OTOH, make some pages which look like HTML docs, and the searchengines will love you (Unless you use "?"'s..)


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