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    Well I worked out a deal with the guy who runs it down to 55/3 months and it will allow

    All our packages come with the following
    Remote Access to WebMail CPanel (Account Management) Features
    Php 4.1.2 Support Pop3 Email
    Perl 5.x Private CGI-Bin
    Webstats Password Protection
    Daily Backups Shell Access
    Mailing List Ftp Accounts
    Email Forwarders Email Autoresponders
    MySQL Database PhpMyAdmin
    24/7/365 Email Support Custom CPanel Skins

    Our CPanel come preinstalled with the following scripts
    osCommerece phpBB2
    Invision Board paBox
    OpenBB b2 (News)
    PHPactuion 4Images Gallery
    PHPprojekt PHP-Nuke
    Post Nuke phpLinks
    phpAdsNews phpWebSite
    PerlDesk phpBook
    Advanced Poll (SQL VERSION)
    Advanced Poll (Text Vesrion)

    Our CPanel Skins (Look and feel interface)
    Red Trix Blue Trix
    Blue Lagoon Blue Sim
    Red Sim Default Skin
    Iconic Skin Mail Only Skin (Mail only accounts)

    It also allows 30 gig tansfer and 1.5 gig of space...

    does this sound good?

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    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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