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    PHP Sending Email problem Please Help


    My provider is using CPanel

    i upload that php script but shows email sent but never sent
    Can you please let me know if i have error in my script:


    if ($address=="") {

    echo "<form action=\"mailtest.php\" method=get><p>Address to email: <input type=text name=address></p>";
    echo "<p><input type=submit value=\"Send email\"></p>";

    } else {

    $subject = "Testing mail() function";
    $message = "This is a test email";

    mail($address,$subject,$message,"From: \"Mail Test\" <$address>");

    echo "<p>Mail sent.";

    Thanks Alot

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    Maybe you should test it out and see if values like $address actually have an email in them.

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    Print is just before the mail function.

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