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    No words for singlehop and their support team

    Had a server with them for 2 months...
    Then transferred to softlayer...bcoz of all the big things being said abt them...even I wanted to chk them out.

    And now I am back with singlehop!!!

    Hope u all get the msg....
    Not dat softlayer is bad
    But,I didnt find much difference except the control panel.....
    Who wants a stable 100mbps for 24hrs[well..i dont want].....even a stable 40-50mbps with bursts of upto 70-80 is awesome....and dats what singlehop is all about...

    About their support...Who fixes a problem with a specific server even without being contacted[unmanaged server]???Well...once..even I wasnt aware that my ssh wasnt functioning...and by the time I contacted them..they had already fixed it.

    The phone support..has used it just once and it was fine.

    Hardware...didnt have any problems till now.
    My friend too has a server at singlehop and all the above applies to his account too.

    Feel a bit of hesitancy to write such a gud review fearing that the new rush they r having will lead to problems...But I am sure such a good team will surely plan well and wont run into any such probs...

    And would b wrong not to mention abt Chris....he is a gr8 man to work with.

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    I've seen so many brilliant reviews and singlehop and from their site they do look like a brilliant company, they clearly understand what they're doing.

    Your review has really pushed me to considering a switch to them, as they really do seem amazing.

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    Yeah, I also see a lot of great reviews for SingleHop which sounds very interesting to buy one.

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    Thank you for the kind words. We have spent a lot of time preparing for the launch of our new offerings and control panel, as such we are fully capable, and looking forward to, the "rush" that we have been experiencing. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best overall experience and I am very happy to be reading some of the recent positive reviews.
    Chris Larkin
    Senior Hosting Consultant
    SingleHop Managed Dedicated Servers

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    Singlehop seems to be getting alot of good reviews recently, I was going to signup with them however couldnt negotiate something to my budget.

    Good to see there on the up

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