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    *^ CHEAP Templates $25-$40/ea ^*

    These are a few templates I made in hope of selling them to someone! Check em' out... First person to contact me gets it. No bidding.

    Normal ones: ($25/ea)

    3d ones: ($40/ea)

    The buyer will be emailed the .PSD. For an additional $5.00, it can be placed on a CD and sent to you. All payments done via PayPal (preferred)

    Email me if you are interested in purchasing them!

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    nice templates

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    do NOT do business with this KID. he told me he offered dedicated servers, lkater i found out he pocketed some money and bought me a dedicated server off some cheap site. this guy is a fraud. NEVER do business with him.
    Brian Schiesl
    "It's your choice, make the right one!"

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    Care to elaborate, boon? From what you've posted, it looks like he purchased something from somewhere and sold it to you for more. Sounds like free enterprise to me. Unless you're leaving out more of the story.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Yea pretty much sounds like he used his knowlege of the internet to make money. (He knew where there was a cheaper price and resold you a ded)

    Nothing wrong there.

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