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    Mirroring/Site backup question...

    I originally posted this in the Hosting Request forum, but was told it should be better posted here. You can get the general idea of what I need to do. All help is greatly appreciated.

    Hello, in light of a recent crisis with my webhost, and me having to upload over 500megs over 56k again. I decided to look for a back-up mirroring server.

    Any control panel will work, I am not sure of the bandwidth requirments as I hope this never has to be used, all it mainly will deal with is data upload from my other server. It will be hosting about 6 domains.

    If the main server goes down, I either want this one to take control, or just display an error page. I need it to handle my e-mail while the main server is down.

    I also need to know, how (if possible) it is to have this backup server constantly mirrioring my main server (alla when there is a change on my main server, it is rewritten and reflected on the backup server).

    I also need to know, how I can make the backup server take control when my other server goes down. The only way I can think of how to do this is to write a script that runs on a third server (this I have availible through my domain register) that checks if the main server is running before sending traffic to that server, but that would only work with HTTP and FTP traffic, and not e-mail which is more important.

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    What happened with your recent webhost? Did they lose your information?
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    Since the owner of the webhost posts here frequently and is a nice guy, I won't tell who the webhost was or very many details. But, what happened was that the webhost was kicked from its servers because of a client sending out spam, the HDD which had all of the data on it was supposed to be sent to the webhost so that they could reup everything...but they sent it to them formated so they lost all of my data (and many others). He gave us a month free though, so it wasn't a total loss.

    As for my server mirroring problem, I have it figured out, I am going to use NS1&2 for my primary server and NS3&4 for my backup server, then run rsync. This way the back-up server will only be accessed when my primary server goes down.

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    Good plan. However the secondary server will be accessed when it's a shorter route than the first server. I hope you setup the MX record on the 2nd server to point at the first server.
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    Well, formatting a drive doesnt delete the data... hire some of the guys who are workign at enron, the'll get your data back (unless you work for arthor anderson - then the hd is probably shredded

    Seriously, i know you can get data back after a format

    2ndly, there is no such as 100% uptime - you could get an LVS cluster, but im guessing thats out of your budget

    I guess your option could be to set a low DNS TTL (IE 10 seconds?) and get an inexpensive account at a reliable DNS place and if a server goes down you can set the IPs to the other machine -emails should go to the new machine too - its not that automated tho you'd have to manually switch the ips (unless they have automation tools?) then there is also the possiblity that your dns providers servers may go down... you'cant win
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    Every one starts wondering "ooh how can I offer true 100 percent uptime by mirroring my clients' websites"

    But you really have to be carefull and ask youself some questions, so that you're not in deep $hit later on.

    How important your data is.
    How much you are willing to pay to keep it online.

    And if questions to those are in high terms, then you
    should consider clustered dedicated servers.

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    Can you provide me more info about this topic?

    I will explain:

    If I have a reseller account on a virtual host and I want to purchase another reseller account on another machine (same host or not doesn't matter as long as it's on another physical location) for mirroring, now from what I understand I will have to have 4 name servers, the first 2 to first machine and the last 2 to the second machine, now is it possible to keep both of them updated with all of my site content and my clients sites content (it's gonna be under WHM and Cpanel) and when the server number 1 goes down then server 2 will "take charge" with all my info (my web site and my clients web sites) so I will provide better service to my clients?

    Is that possible?

    Do I need a third service provider for the DNS or I just register the DNS under my domain?



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