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    Hi all,

    I got a dedicated server from ***** back in December, and it was all OK until I had it upgraded to RedHat 6.2 a month ago.

    When they upgraded the server they never installed the software they agreed to install at the same time (Apache 1.3.17, MySQL 3.23.33, PHP4.04pl1 etc). They did not install them.

    Not a problem as I can install them myself.

    Problem lies with my IP addresses.
    I bought 16 additional IP addresses from them before the upgrade, and now 2 IP addresses that I know of do not work.

    When I access those 2 IP addresses (which worked on the old system) now, it takes me to Apache's default page. Fine, it could point to my servers default page - but I changed mine.

    I have asked them to fix this problem, and they keep telling me that I must contact sales to get them to agree a fee for this - but I have not created the problem - they have.

    I contacted the reseller who I got the server from, and he has also agreed with me that it ISN'T pointing to my server, and that I am 100% correct in saying it was not a problem with me.

    Even ***** told him that I was right, and that they do not point to the correct server. It DOES point to another server which ***** own - so I cannot trace where it goes to easily.

    For over a month I have emailed them asking them to fix this, and they either ignore my emails, tell me to go through the reseller to get it fixed or direct me to Sales to quote me on getting it fixed.

    I do not mind paying if it is my fault it isn't working, but it isn't my fault - it was the fault of the engineer who set up my server.

    I am so frustrated as those 2 IP addresses had domains associated with them, so I had to move all the clients accounts over to another IP that isn't unique.

    What I would like to know is what is my legal standing on this? Can I legally challenge them? Can I break the years contract with them for failure to provide a service?

    Also, since having this server, it has been up and down a lot - router problems etc. In 1 week, I was offline for a total of 4 days.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Im by far not a legal expert but I would be nearly 100% sure that it is not your problem and they should indeed take care of the problem themselves. I to am having a similar problem now, I have a server through RackShack and I ordered additional IP address. I registerd two of them as hosts through Netsol for dns servers and I recieved a reply from Netsol on the 2nd IP I registered saying it was in use already... sure enough that IP as well as every other IP I ordered had been taken and was pointing to servers other than mine. All I can say is not to deal with first level support people, call them up and go up as high as you can go. If they refuse to cover it, then getting a lawyer to send a letter their way can be a major inspriation to to speak



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    Hi ya

    Just an update.

    Last week, ***** finally fixed the IP address issue, but by assigning me 16 different IP addresses.

    Fair enough. So I moved the domains onto these IP addresses.
    This morning I woke up to a flood of emails from people saying their sites were down.

    I looked at the server, and saw they were right. So I looked at netconf and it appears that ***** changed the IPs on me without telling me.

    I am so fed up of this.


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