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    Thumbs up hostpacket

    im not too sure where the problem lies at the moment

    but they have my support, they have been great up to now, fast support and loads of things to play with for your money

    if what rackshack done is true then this is appalling, but then again i can imagine it it just as frustrating to them as it is for us. i know how angry i get when something goes wrong

    maybe they should have told us whats up which is my main gripe, but im now up and running again so im happy... just

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    Hostpacket does have my support to!
    Just waiting for the domain to propagate

    Cheers to
    HOSTPACKET (making some noise to support them lol)

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    I am happy to see customer of hostpacket coming back. Way to go ..
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    my support for HP too!

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    I am glad to see you guys are sticking with HP. I believe there are 2 kinds of hosts. Those that have had problems and those that will. It all comes down to whether or not the host is around to fix the problems and what they do to fix it. It sounds like they are trying to do the right thing.

    Good luck HP.
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    People who are leaving HP remind me of those share investors who panic sell everytime there's a drop in the market.
    If site operators pack up and move on everytime there's a problem with the host all we'll be left with eventually is AT&T type corporations for hosting.
    The only reasons I would move to a new host is if my provider was a) consistently demonstrating incompetence over a period of time, or b) obviously ripping me off...
    HP has done neither... what happened was a lesson learning exercise, not a business killing one.

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    There are always those you can't please
    no matter what you do.
    Perhaps it's better they do go there seperate ways. I stuck with CW
    for a month and 1/2, not because of
    Shawn, whom I never really cared for, but some of their staff and especially some of their customers who helped me way more than SJW ever could.
    I'll stick with HP until they shutdown, or pull a SJW caper...surely THAT wouldn't
    happen again!

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    I'm staying too, and hopefully for as long as possible
    And I sure as hell going to backup my sites daily
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    As the old saying goes:

    All hosts will have problems at some time, its how they handle them that makes or breaks them.
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    I am staying too... I will give them one more chance... Hay, we all have problems.

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    I am considering to stay with hostpacket, at least one more month to see what will happen. If I move now probably I will loose one month of my quarterly pre paid service, I will have the same work to rebuild my site elsewhere, do the job to search another host, maybe learn to use another control panel and maybe pay more to host my site.

    I do not think that Hosptpacket will close tomorrow, my site itís online and working now, itís a simple message board and I make backups myself, I loosed some days of messages and Iím disappointed with hostpacket but I do not believe that is the better option to leave hostpacket now and I think itís wrong to assume that this episode will happen again very soon.

    The main reason that I choose hostpacket itís because price. My site is amateur and do not need such great requirements of uptime , speed of servers and support. In my point of view these low price web hosts should make some different marketing in some points:

    Uptime - instead of use of this fictitious number of 99.9% uptime guarantee should contract a third party web site monitoring and publish past uptime values then customers can evaluate the uptime based in real data and web host should make no guarantee about future uptime.

    Backups Ė I think the better option for these low cost web host itís to officially make no guarantees about backups of userís data, help people doing some scripts to backup their data , maybe itís possible to use cron jobs to dump databases, compress them and send to userís e-mail.

    Support Ė I think that to minimize the costs should have two kinds of plans, with and without support, can exist more faqís, tutorials and a user message board for people that do not pay for support.

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