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Thread: Load Testing

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    Load Testing


    Anyone remember that script or program that performed simulated loads on a Linux web server? I ran a search, but nothing worthwhile came up.

    I'd like to test that out on a few servers we have here. Thanks!

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    Yeah it's called apache benchmark. Check out the /usr/local/apache/bin/ab is the program location.

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    Just to avoid confusion: The program is called Apache Bench, not Apache Benchmark, and /usr/local/apache/bin/ab *is* the program - it's not a directory. Keep in mind that ab might be installed in another directory on your system.

    Here's an example of sending 200 HTTP queries to localhost:

    ab -n 200 http://localhost/

    You can make some of those 200 request happen at the same time (to emulate a server with a high number of users requesting pages at the same time):

    ab -n 200 -c 20 http://localhost/

    This will make ab query the server with 20 requests simultaneously until it has performed 200 requests.
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    There is also dbench and SMTP Torture on the Samba site

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