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    2checkout today - high risk?

    We have been getting orders processed through 2checkout and being marked as high risk all day. Every order (almost) says the buyer is from the UK, yet my own tracert don't show this to be true.

    Is this happening to anyone else?

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    Yes, it happened to me too.
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    Yes all of our orders have been marked high risk, and now they seem to be down.

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    Cool, because I'm sitting here on a very good business day not wanting to set anything up. What's next with 2checkout?

    If it has happened to me all day and now I find out it's happened to others surely they must know about the glitch at 2checkout.
    Maybe I'll drop them an email and in three or four days (days) when the response comes back from them there will be an explanation.

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    I do my own checking anyway when they say high risk, one of the things I do is do a Whois on the domain name to see if it matches the sign up data. Plus I have a couple of other checks, if it passes those then I set them up anyway. If I am still worried I make a telephone call to them.

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    it's just a glitch, happened a few days ago too.

    Whois the IPs yourself and see where they are if they match the local ordered from then you're probably safe.
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    Yes, everything looked safe, but I wanted to make sure it was happening to others due to the fact that a simple email from the 2checkout about the issue doesn't seem to be forthcoming and I didn't see anything in their forum about it.

    EDIT - The strange part was that there are no fraudulent orders that come from the United Kingdom! It is like one of the most trustworthy countries on the earth!

    Really, I'm not just kissing ass.
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    There's other merchant agents to look forward for at this board..
    one of them is revecom.
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    Originally posted by HostMagix
    There's other merchant agents to look forward for at this of them is revecom.
    It's just a problematic technology that's bound to stuff up every now and then. I'm sure the chaps at 2checkout are aware of the issue and working hard to rectify things for their clients. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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