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    Paid Hosting Questions

    Well, with my first paycheck I also decided to switch to paid hosting. Unfortunately after browsing this forum and for a long time, I found out that more and more hosts are going down scamming their clients. I was thinking about joining, but since I didn't receive any feedback on them here, I am reconsidering this.

    Can anyone recommend a stable web-host that has been around for awhile and is proven to be solid.

    Here is what I need
    150MB space
    4+GB bandwidth
    1 POP3 account
    < $9 (worst case <$10) per month
    No per year fees
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    Sorry I have t do this, but this is the third thread I am starting here, and so far I haven't gotten a single response.

    I am no spammer (check me at ) but I really need answers

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    Originally posted by insiderhosting

    Read the rules.

    Anyways, Carboran, I'm sure that there are many providers who can accomodate you. One off the top of my head is . Just make sure to do as thourough of a search as possible.

    Good luck

    yes gary is always very helpful, i would also suggest if you require one of the highest levels of support

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    thanks to both of you! Any other suggestions?

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