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    What is your lowest spec. server?

    I put one of my old desktop PC's down into our data centre - a P200 with 96Meg of RAM, 4Gig EIDE HDD and a whopping great Midi tower case - it performs like a dog and i really have no reason for it being down there apart from i thought it might be of use in some way (most probably not - though simple win2k backup domain controller came to mind), but having said that - it's an old faithful - never let me down since it had a P133 when it was built around 1995/96 or something. It lead me to thinking - what is your worst spec "Live" server and why (and how old is it - is it still going strong)?
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    P3 750Mhz w/ 256MB RAM

    It's about 1 year old, and it's still going strong as ever.

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    We had a Celeron 400MHz with 128 MB ram and a 20 GB IDE drive that used to host It had an uptime of exactly 400 days before someone accidentally jarred the power supply.

    Now it's in a museum.
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