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    PMFirewall and IPchains trouble.

    I just installed IPChains and configured it with PMFirewall I opened up several ports for the web server, dns, etc. and I gave my own IP address unlimited access. But now after I rebooted the server I can't access it at all, I must have done something wrong. But is there anything I can do besides reinstalling the OS because I can't hit my admin page, ssh, or even hit my website.

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    Are you sure your server is up? Your host can login via serial console and shut down your firewall. Just ask.


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    I thought there was a test thingy that would let the firewall be up for just a few minutes, and then take it down again, so you can test if everything is right.

    Look through the readme's and such of pmfirewall. You might want to use that next time
    Hmm, what does this do... Oops!

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