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    Code for us, get hosting

    Hey guys,

    We started a hosting business a few months ago and need some programming from time to time.

    We run several servers with 900+ customers currently, and our reliability and uptime is impeccable.

    In order to minimize cash-flow problems, we are offering reliable web hosting on any of our Unix or Windows servers running CPanel or Ensim for linux, Ensim for Windows, and regular clean FreeBSD accounts in exchange for programming.

    All hosting features are negotiable (Diskspace/bandwidth/# accounts/reseller features).

    If you have excellent coding experience in any of the following, AND have the time to code, contact me.
    (Please: no "i can edit code but cant create my own code".

    Only those with good ACTUAL coding experience:
    - perl, cgi
    - php
    - c/c++

    All projects are small-medium sized and can (and should) be completed first beta stage within hours to 1-3 days.

    Types of coding we'd ask you to do (examples):
    - Create miscellaneous cgi scripts such as uptime, quota, diskspace, to be viewed by user accounts via the web.
    - Modify our affilliate tracking software (cgi/perl) to suit our needs.
    - Modify a current billing system to suit our needs (such as

    Our company colocates servers all across the US and we have great uptime, reliability, live tech support and excellent customer service.

    Staying anonymous for now,
    Update: [email protected] is my contact

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    lmao, seriously look into getting staff..

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    You know... your first item can be done with a very simple MRTG script which you can DOWNLOAD for free online.


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    I don't get it.... why are you guys having a go at him?

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    I agree with you dynamitehost. Its a simple Job offer/request. Interested participants will take advantage of it.


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