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    * Design For Sale!

    Hello everyone,
    I currently have the following design for sale:

    Please take a moment to take a look and if you are interested please contact me via one or more of the following ways with an offer:

    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: i3optic
    ICQ: 167768251
    MSN: [email protected] (2 x underscores)
    PM (here at WHT): i3optic

    I'm looking for $500+

    The design is in HTML, with .css and the .psd file will be included. You can have me make reasonable modifications for free, like text and wording on images, logo etc. Contact me if you need your current site changing to the new design, we can work out a price. Or, if you need new pages, you're welcome to contact me to work out a price. It all depends on what you need.

    As always, I welcome all feedback, good/bad, from everybody.

    You just need to contact me using the above if you want to talk about anything related.

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    Thats really nice, very professional looking

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    it all seems out proportion is it just me i use 1024X768

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    nice work

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    very nice design, got a nice edge to it, well done

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    To me, it's a little too advanced. Where it flips up on the left might better work to be more in line. I think I went cross-eyed.

    Still nice though.
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    wow, nice. as said already, maybe a little too advanced, but definately potential to be a great design

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    Vey nice work , but what scares me and maybe other potential clients is the lack of a asking price and I agree it's a little to snazzy :p

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    A lot of whitespace.. I suggest you fill them in .. although it is really awesome at the moment too :-)
    Jason Mansfield - jmansfie [at]

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    So, whats the minimum you are willing to sell for?

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    I like it a lot! Did you make this site as well... look similar in style!?


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    Very nice ! If I hadn't just bought a template, this one would have been my choice
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    Nice design!

    Iam curious what the bids are and especially what your selling price is. Iam not intrested cause iam doing sites myself but, just intrested what someone would pay for such a layout.

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    Originally posted by Furnace
    Thats really nice, very professional looking
    i wouldn't say its professional _looking_

    it is professional... could use some work so it didnt look so pixelbrickish, but it's greaat work .. good job+

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    Excellent design, I would suggest condensing the top area a little, it takes up too much space. Then bring the hosting plans into full view at the bottom of the page, so you don't have to scroll to look at them, put them right in front of the customer..

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    I have to give you credit, you can design very well . It is a very nice design indeed. Had I not just had VH redone, I would consider the design myself.

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    Nice work

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    Ok're right, I've decided I'm looking for $500+

    Definately a mistake to not include a ballpark figure in my first post.

    Thanks for the feedback everybody. Well, we'll see what happens..

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    Well, I can't say it is not worth it to be honest, it is a really nice design. You may want to include what comes with the $500+ price tag as well, such as it being cut up, placed into HTML, if there are extra pages done at low or no cost, other things like that .

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    Ok, thanks ViperHost, I've edited my first post.
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    The design could sell for $1000 easy if it wasnt webhosting. You just have to find untight wht people (remember that 50% of hosting companys here are resellers and only do it part time)

    That type of design is not really good for webhosting, it looks good but it cant be as infomative as a clean layed out site.

    I know me and a few people agree on that, if a webhost has info, we sign up, if its just a pixelbrick type of flash or breath take design, we look at the design for 10mins and get bored and go off.

    but thats me and my buddies
    Western Man

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    Edit: Nevermind.
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