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    hostpacket questions

    suffering at the moment, but have a few ???'s

    cant access any of my sites at the moment... in my domain manager at i only have settings for two nameservers so have chosen ns1 and ns4, this ok?

    i cant acces anything to see if its still there, logins wont work and ips wont work either.... my main concern is my emails

    just one thing, if my site is wiped, when they come back online will i have to configure everything again... ie email accounts at cpanel and the management thingy that was at

    this is more of a pain to me than anything else, would like to know whats going on... all im hearing is secondhand news, no answer to emails, no access to their site

    what a mess

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    Take it to their forum. It's working now, so grab it while you can.

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    Originally posted by Abby
    Take it to their forum. It's working now, so grab it while you can.
    Just FYI, that's not working from here

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    or here still

    it isnt failing its just taking aggges

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    I can reach it.

    As for your stuff you can FTP to your site if it isn't the main server that went down.

    Also if your not on main server, then you can download your email too with FTP. You will have to browse it with a text editor.
    But if there is anything important it's there.

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