Hi All

Though i have used plesk for years now i just marked that this happens on my server.

Whenever we add a site in plesk we give the Mailbox quota at the domain level in hosting properties

But i see that inspite of that quota the users are able to store more emails and exceed their quota

Plesk stores emails in /usr/local/psa/qmail/mailnames

i saw that in domainname.com
there is a file @mailbox.quota which states 100000 ( About 100 Mb)

But i found out that actual usage on the same was over 350 Mb

i found that by issuing du -sk command

can anyone explain this why its happening,

Its annoying to not know how much email space your users are using. This one feature was present in plesk 1.31 i dont know why the hell did they have to remove it.