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    Question WiseOnline = ********?

    For weeks I just thought that WiseOnline was an other company than ********.net . Only the Wise in the name was the match I thought.
    But a few days ago I saw them offering dedicated servers with the exact specifiation, and listing of this specification as ******** does on its site. Don't know why, but it rang a bell.
    I also saw in a post WiseOnline is hosting in their own datacenter in Perth Amboy. ******** does the same.
    And they are under new management (what could explain the new name), ******** is too. So I have strong feelings about this. Too bad I can't find a site of WiseOnline...
    My question is: Are ******** and WiseOnline the same? ******** didn't had a good reputation here because of spamming, so this could also explain a new name.

    The reason I post this instead of mailing user WiseOnline directly is that future customers of WiseOnline will do a search on them here and will also read his topic.

    Thank you in advance,


    Woops, the stars in the above post confirm the bad reputation of the company mentioned here . But it is W i s e h o s t I am reffering too.
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    Same company, sure. But the important thing is a second chance... "Under new management" means a lot. I'm nost sure why WiseH got banned because it was before my time on here, but a company that has cleaned up their act, especially by changing management, deserves a second chance, IMHO.

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    That's indeed true, just wanted to know if it was them I hope the new management cleans it all up, there have been lot of problems, let's hope it won't happen again!
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    I was wondering the same thing a little while back, for a slightly different reason...

    they gave me what sounded like a great deal, but I didn't think it was worth the risk...

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