Howdy everyone!

I posted this in the wrong forum earlier, so I'm knocking $20 off per month!

Here's what you get...

A FreeBSD 4.6 Virtual Dedicated Server with 1 IP, 2 gigs of disk space on 15,000 RPM RAID'd SCSI drives, 40 gigs of bandwidth per month, and full root access to do whatever you want!

Additional disk is $2/gig per month. Additional bandwidth is $2/gig.

Each VDS is hosted on a high-power mainframe class system with at least 4 Xeon processors, and at least 4 gigs of memory! They are hooked up to the 'net via 3 OC-12 pipes -- Genuity, Sprint and XO.

These will normally go for $85/month, but now through September 7th you will get a special price of $65/month with out any setup fees or hidden charges! All servers come with a 4-day money back guarantee!

These plans are NOT listed on our site just yet, they are too new! If you have questions please email [email protected] for more information.

Take care, and everyone (in the US) have a nice holiday weekend!

-- Chris @ Hostnix

Ps- We will be offering Linux VDS's sometime in the very near future. Email us to find out more!