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    * I have a layout wondering if anyone would like to buy it???

    Well I have a preview of a lot that I had been working on but at the last minute the client that I was dealing with backed down so I still have the layout and was wondering if anyone was thinking about buying it.

    If you are intrested we will talk about the pricing or if you dont want to pay in money I may consider paying in hosting.

    You can contact me on aim at SilverKidd19
    Or email at [email protected]

    The layout preview url is

    Thank You

    P.S - This is just the start of the layout I will do the rest of it if you acccept to buying it. I will also put in all the content and everything however I will not do the coding becuase I do not know any coding I am still learning it. I will also change everything on the layout to fit your companys/website's name.
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    doesn't work, or is tooo damn slow

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    i think you should post this in the related offers and requests, you'll get better response there.

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