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    Question Bandwidth - is it for real or not?


    I am considering moving to a new DEDICATED server, and I am trying to get my head around a puzzling issue (for me, that is). How can different companies offer such a diverse range of hardware and bandwidth for similar prices??

    I have assembeled the following comparison table, in which I am ommitting the names of the companies (I don't know if I can disclose that info here - so I am not ;-)

    name ping trace CPU mem disk BW monthly setup yearly
    A 180 17 1200 512 60 300 100 200 1400
    B 126 21 1700 512 40 400 120 150 1590
    C 200 19 1900 512 60 600 150 0 1800
    D 243 21 1200 512 40 100 160 0 1920
    E 144 19 1300 512 40 200 150 200 2000
    F 202 17 1000 256 40 500 200 0 2400
    G 103 11 1000 512 60 100 200 200 2600
    H 113 18 800 256 40 40 235 135 2955

    (sorry - don't know how to make it look better here...)
    Ping and Trace are the results from MY HOME computer
    CPU in MHZ
    MEM in MB
    disk in GB
    BW in GB/Month
    Monthly - the monthly payment
    Setup - obvious
    Yearly = Monthly * 12 + setup

    OK, now to the question.

    Company G has an EXCELLENT response time, and gives only 100 GB transfer. They charge a minimum of $2/GB overusage
    Company B has very good response time too, and they give 400 GB/month in BW. On top of that, their annual charge is just 60% of company G! To get the same amount of BW I would have to purchase additional 300 GB/month from company G for the cool $600 per MONTH!

    Company H also has a very good response time - but they are the most expensive AND give a mere 40 GB/month.

    What's going on? My developers claim that I should be very suspicious of any company that seems to be overly generous on the subject of BW. Something must give...

    Short of actually trying out the companies and getting my fingers burned (or not), can anyone advise me if indeed there is a different 'type' of BW that allows some companies to give a lot of it, or what?

    Of course, there is always the possibility that some companies have a higher overhead, more demanding shareholders or just are plain greedy...

    Any input will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!


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    I guess company H is RackSpace. If that is so, you are not only paying for bandwidth and server, but also for the best support you can get and a realy good uptime guarantee.
    Also keep in mind that there are a lot of hosts offering unmanaged servers for a low cost per month. These guys will give you a low price because they only have to cover the equipment and BW costs.
    Also keep in mind the fact that there are some companies overselling. This way it could happen that 2 the same customers are getting the same 600 GB, while they pay for 600 GB each. SO the 600 GB left can be oversold again. This way you can make more money from the same amount of bandwidth. This also lowers the price.
    I saw in an other post you have a popular link site and therefore you are looking for a dedicated server. Now ask yourself how much speed and uptime matters to you. If uptime is not your most concern, drop RackSpace. If speed is not the problem, find a Cogent host. This way you eliminate what you don't need, instead of looking for what you do need.

    Hope this helps a little...

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    Thnaks for your advice and input!

    Hmm... I am not discussing the identity of the firms. Anyone interested can see what they offer on their web site:

    and compare to my table

    The argument about 'overselling' is very clear to me. What I would like to know more is about this 'Cogent' type of connection. Why is it inferior to the 'real' thing? Is there an established measurement to quantify it?



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