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    Build an online store!

    XMart® eCommerce – A complete eCommerce solution.
    Whether you have been selling products online for years or you have been thinking about opening up your own store online but just don't know how, Digital Placebo has a solution that is made to meet your needs. XMart® PayPal eCommerce offers you the flexibility and scalability that your business will need in order to succeed in the fast changing Internet consumer marketplace. You'll have the ability to sell more, update faster and save money doing it.

    For one affordable monthly fee you get hosting with unlimited bandwidth, storage for your images, a PayPal shopping cart and a completely customizable storefront managed by you through an easy-to-use administration area. You can have your eCommerce site setup in an afternoon. And maintenance can be tackled by a couple of clicks from any computer anywhere in the world.

    With Digital Placebo's XMart® PayPal eCommerce, you will be able to do all of the following in one spot:

    • Manage and sell your entire inventory online
      Create custom sales reports
      Manage your customers' transactions
      Establish an identity and marketplace on the Internet
      Track usage and manage your web site
      Promote your business to Internet consumers
      Best of all, you'll be able to do all of the above from any
      computer that has Internet access, anywhere in the world.
      Security, legal documents, web hosting and technical support are included.

    XMart's quick, easy and inexpensive solution will get your business up and running within days, sometimes even hours

    you get unlimited hosting and the store for $14.95 a month!

    Check out for more info.

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    Hmm ... unlimited storage and bandwidth for $14.95 per month?

    I've got a 120 GB hard drive I need to back up.

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    120? pfft i have a 200 gb hdd

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    unlimited hosting for use of the store

    The unlimited hosting is for use with your XMart store. Which means you can have unlimited products and unlimited vistors. All good things if you want to have a flexible store that can grow with your business.

    (I'll let you know when we release our backup storage solutions package) *grin*

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    It is only momentum and lack of time that has kept me at XMart since 2002. Although uptime has been great, several application tools have never worked. Specifically –The mandatory site designer is glitchy.
    The “Site Description” for meta tags is inop…blank.
    It is impossible to optimize for search engines.
    Reports tools do not work at all
    “Our Specials” are displayed in double and cannot be removed.

    Toughest of all for me is that customer support is non-existent. Once I received a reply and apology nearly 3 months after the reported issues. A couple of the problems were fixed, then nothing again, ever.

    I am about to make a move and have a party to celebrate.



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