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    ******** Better Than Ether

    Now that your all looking for a new forum ( after crashed ). You may wanan goto my new and improved forum , www.******** It is in NO WAY copy by the way and i hope you would take the time a register to make it as good as After all, only had 50 members at one stage. ! Thanks and the sites www.******** again

    Could you also review it and how fast it laodz ( stating your speed ) !!

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    any1 ?

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    nice, just too much content.

    loads pretty fast on cable

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    Dec 2001

    Not bad

    It looks pretty sharp. I've seen that font that you use for the logo quite a bit lately, what's the name of it?

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    Fonts called Planet Kozmos !! Or sumthing. Erm.. im chnaging logo txt soon anways. Thankz

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    Looks good and loads fast here on the East Coast of the USA

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    for some reason' i think theres a bit too much content

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    for some reason' i think theres a bit too much content
    He has left some space for some images. The text may be interesting to read after he puts some pics out there. LOL
    Nice design.

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    Cheers. Thanks for all the comments. Im gonan update the logo soon !

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