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    Custom Online shopping site for sale


    we work in customization of oscommerce.

    check this link

    pm me ig any body is interested in a advanced online shopping site.

    it can be integrated with any payment gateways


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    What kind of customization do you offer?
    Not to be saying this in a bad way, but that example just has the colors and banner changed...

    I suggest using the oscommerce engine and radically changing it's layout (which sucks) and offering better product views...

    making it look like or would be a great achievement, i know plenty of people who'd use oscommerce if it didn't look so "oscommercy"

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    Hmmm...good idea...sounds like an interesting project

    I don't know what version that is but the newer, I suppose more unstable versions, have a much fresher looking appearance right off the bat. In addition to a much improved kickass admin section.

    Customization wise I'd change at least the standard images, change the header color to the background color, take out that unneccessary icon on the top left, and unless you're going to make all of your images on transparent backgrounds, stick with the white background. Just suggestions...I think you'd get better offers that way. :p

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