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    * What is up with transfer, anyway?

    Well, I gotta know.

    I know it's different for everyone, but ON AVERAGE, how many hits would lead up to 1GB of transfer? What about 2? (And so on and so on).

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    Take your average web page, with all the graphics needed for that page, and put it into a directory. Find the total bytes for the directory, and do the math.

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    From our stats taking total bandwidth and total pages viewed for our clients, the average page size that we transfer is 21.5kb (I've no idea what the average page size that we host is). It varies by about a Kb, so anywhere between 20.5kb and 22.5kb per page is the average size.

    All of our sites are business sites, but some of them have some hefty pdf downloads, some are almost pure text. A lot of the sites (about 55%) have some form of DB providing data to the site.

    That means 1Gb will provide around 46500 page views - about 500,000 hits (guesstimate) going by our averages.

    I've no doubt these figures are unique to ourselves, it depends on what type of sites you are hosting and what they contain

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