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Thread: Am I in troble?

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    Am I in troble?

    Am I in troble? I just installed a pkg that was supposed to be for a "Sun Cobalt CacheRaQ 4 Patches" on my Raq4i. It was the system update 0.0.1 on this page: .

    How can I uninstall it?

    btw: how/why on earth did you do this??? I hear you say. I scanned through the drop down menu on the cobalt site, and just read Raq4 patches, clicked and went to install the first pkg I saw! doh The real raq4 patches were further down the list.

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    login into your telnet/ssh and go into the uninstallers folder and uninstall it.

    But then again, if no doodaa is affected....leave it alone.

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    That's great Cephren!

    I'm still learning the basics, and everytime something goes wrong, I learn a little, would be the upside

    Thanks again, it's great to get a responce from people here who give up their time to helping out the "newbies"

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