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    Question I ran out of ideas. Can you give me one?

    Anythoughts, suggestions or free help would be appreciated.

    Ok, I've created a website which has a pretty good concept, although not a new one. Plus I've been able to manage getting listed in the #2 spot in Yahoo for the keyword freelance programming and # 6 for freelance programmers.

    I guess this is pretty good for my site only being online for a month. What I've really been strugging with for sometime is the look of my website. I don't want to get rid of the text content of my webpage because it's important to keep it there. So, planning changes to work around the text content is my issue.

    What would you suggest I do that could really enhance my website? I'm actually tired of this look and I'd like something that people would be impressed by. In addition, I'd like to add some content so people would come back.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I'd appreciate your straightforward feedback. I've added a link to an optional page I've replaced my home page with too. I'd just like to get a different look and feel as compared to all the other freelancer home pages.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Purple and Yellow don't mix well. Drop the purple and replace that with Orange or Black background.

    Everything else looks fine.

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    It look ameturish....You need a professional designer to make it up. You also need to advertise. Try Google's Adwords. Also, Overture.


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    I do suggest getting a professional designer to make the site. Yellow and Purple don't mix.

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