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    Email forwarding problems on RaQ4

    I am fairly new in dealing with web servers, my history is as an internal network administrator, using standard Microsoft stuff.

    We have a Cobalt RaQ4 running Apache on Linux and I can set up domains and so on without problems. I now have one major issue though, which is stopping emails being redirected.

    We own several domains - for ease, I’ll refer to them as,; and so on.

    There are several companies in our group, but all employees have an email address using just the main group name. We have an Exchange 5.5 Server, so users have email addresses as [email protected], regardless of what company in the group that they work for.

    Our ISP deal with the name servers for the domain.

    Then we got our dedicated server and I started adding and and so on, domains onto there. I set up users for these domains with forwarding of emails so that mail coming in as [email protected] was redirected to [email protected] and it came in to the user through our Exchange server.

    Then we added a group web site so I added the domain to our dedicated server. This domain was different from the others in that our ISP still have to deal with its name servers. We got them to add the necessary A records and the web site works fine.

    However, when mail comes into the other domains and gets forwarded to the domain, the mails are returned saying ‘no such user’. This is understandable as the mail is being redirected to but the server thinks itself is (which it is, but only as far as web traffic is concerned) and doesn’t refer back to the internets name servers to get an MX record to send mail to the correct

    I even added some DNS entries for to reflect what is on its true name server but it still refuses to check and just sends mail to itself.

    I suppose in summary, I am asking how do I have mails redirected to a domain which is not on the RaQ, but where you do have a web site of the same name running on the server with other sites.

    Apologies for the length of this posting, and I hope I am making some sense.

    Please bear with me as I am new to all this (but am enjoying it and learning quite a bit). Hopefully you’ll make a web administrator out of me some day…

    Coventry, UK

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    I think your problem is related to sendmail.

    If sendmail has as a domain to care of, sendmail wouldn´t care dns nor nothing, it´s quite simple for it, just deliver it locally.

    Ok, you can solve your problem by going to site admin menu in site and removing all refeences to mail (like: mail aliases and accept email for domain), then cobalt will remove all references of in sendmail and you´ll get your mails directed to the exchange (sorry for typing such a nasty word here hehe) server.

    PM if you think you need more help or the solution I´m giving you still not solving your problem.



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    Thanks for the info. I went back into the admin and saw where you were talking about. I've now got it working properly.

    Thanks again, and I'll try and keep the nasty words to a minimum (Micro**ft, Exch**ge and so on).

    Mat, Coventry, UK

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