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    Question who actually got his/her server from hostmania or refund?

    hey there everyone,

    I am/was one of the many ppl here that originally ordered a server from chavvon/ , but I wanted to ask who really got it (completely/is happy with it), and who got a refund.

    I've asked for a refund... (I payed via paypal) a confirmation mail for it....but didn't get my money back after 48hrs. I wrote again, and they said I'd get it back within 24 hours... well now I've waited another 48 hours... but again.. no reply and no $$$

    what can I do?

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    keeep trying to contact them
    if they don't work with you on giving you a refund comlpain to paypal and hope you can get something back

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    i got a cogent server, but it had the following faults:

    - it was given to me a week longer than i was told (each day was "it'll be ready tomorrow!")
    - the wrong OS was installed on it (asked for freebsd, received redhat)
    - received a dirty installation (ie. the box wasn't re-imaged after the last client used it)
    - i was told i'd get a faster CPU for the delay, which was never received
    - was told the box would be re-imaged between 11 am and 1 pm (on a specific day) ... 3 pm or later rolls around and nothing had been done yet (no contact to say they were too busy or anything)

    after the last point, i decided to cancel. although, i was told they couldn't issue me a refund (which i asked for).

    the most disappointing thing was the reply i received from "chavvon" when i notified him that i wanted to cancel. he was extremely rude and is someone i'd never want to do business with again.

    people can bash rackshack all they like ... but in comparison to hostmania, they're unbeatable!!

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    I have the same case. I was given a badly config server. I don't know whether they have intension to do it or not. I ordered the server at 7/15 and still cannot get a working server. They are totally not doing business. I don't know whether anyone got server from them? Free ebook for webhosting and dedicated server review

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    i never got my servers from eservers ;\
    i ended up cancelling and from what i hear they still havent delivered any yet

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    Got one from Hostmania

    I did get my server...later than expected in the middle of all the chaos (ordered early Aug - Got it 1st time 10days+). It had a different configuration than that which I requested, but they reinstalled (5 days?) and so far I'm happy.
    Longest I've waited for a response has been 24 hours. Quickest 20mins.

    Waiting for the promised upgrade of memory.

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    I've had my cogent server from Hostmania for about two months or so, and I haven't had any significant problems. The hard drive failed about a week into it, which really bit - but they set me up again immediately and it's been rock solid since then. Over all the service has been good as I expected for a barebones server. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the server as I've yet to design a business model that will cover my 75.00 a month. I mainly use the server as a private box to run a couple of my domains and as an email server, but I'd still recommend hostmania to someone looking for an affordable server.

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    Ordered a custom server from them. After waiting 3 weeks for a server that was going to be up and running about 5 days after I ordered it, I cancelled. They still charged my credit card (about 2 weeks after I had cancelled the order). I asked for a refund, to which they answered they wanted to give me my money, but their merchant account had been frozen and it was stuck in there.

    Sent the paperwork for a chargeback to my CC company at the beginning of the week and am awaiting the outcome. Should be in my favour as I provided plenty of proof, just hope they can get the funds released, or I'm out nearly $400

    Chavvon seemed like such a nice guy too...
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    I have neither received my server nor my money back. My card was charged for the server and Cpanel license etc.

    I tried to contact IPayment (their merchant account provider) but did not help and sent a nonsense reply.

    I have faxed a charge back request but it is very interesting that neither hostmania nor eservers accepts responsibility for your money. None of them helps with it, they just suggest you to go for charge back.

    I tried to email chavvon on the address provided on their website but email bounced back.

    In the other side eservers has been very quick in reponse to emails. I have always received friendly replies from both shazad and Imran at eservers.

    I am sure I will obtain a server from in future but not now. I will wait for feedbacks of their next series of servers.


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