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Thread: Catch a crook

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    Catch a crook

    To make a long story short I had a contractor/employee use my intellectual property and start a company with someone else. I know they are generating business I just don't now how much. I used to know a way to lookup domain names using nic handles or something else. Is this still possible ? If so will it display more then 1 entry at a time ?
    Also have any of you ever had anything similiar happen ? Would it be a waste of time to consult with a attorney ?

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    It might be worth it to consult with an attorney, you might get by with only a $50 or less fee. Is there any written proof that this was an original idea by you? Is there written proof that this person was working for you during this time?

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    Actually I am pretty well covered I think. I have him sign 3 agreements/contracts prepared by a lawyer. Included was a Non compete agreement. It was actually a business strategy. My company is Incorporated which made me legally cover my butt. I just don't know how much business they are doing. I was able to track down quite a bit through searchs but there has to be a better way.

    Are there people that for a fee could retrieve a list of all domains a company hosts ?

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    If its a "friend' or soemone you know, why dont you contact your states Business license place? (you know where they get business licenses). If they are business, they need to be registered. All of that is public information. If they do business on the web, they need to post their website url.

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