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    spam of the day...

    this is sarcastic of course. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. faer;alskdnf;alwkegh;alwrenb834!!@!@$# spam!!!

    Subject: Make Money W/ Spam!

    ***********"The Bulker's Bible"***********
    You've heard of SPAM, right? It's that nasty word that makes some people shudder. Like it or not it is also by far,
    the easiest and fastest way to make serious money on the Internet.

    Wait a minute isn't it illegal? Believe it or not sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or what is known as
    SPAM, is more efficient and profitable if done according to the law.

    If you have a minute I can tell you how 3 months ago I recieved an advertisement much like this one in my
    mailbox. It offered to teach me everything there is to know about Bulk Mailing and how to make money doing it. It
    even told me where to look for great money making ideas to sell. I currently make $1,500 a day sending simple
    messages like this around the world. Don't believe me? Keep on reading.

    and it goes and goes and goes and goes, for like, 10 more paragraphs about this guy making hundreds of thousands with spam and you can too by sending him $40 for his Ebook. whatever.


    ok, i'm done venting.

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