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    New Computer Configuration Question :: Actually I don't know what to name this thread

    I really don't know what to name this thread

    else its really late and I need sleep


    I have a Sony Vaio Laptop 750 MHZ P3 20 Gigs HD, with DVD, CD RW, ethernet, docking port with video out blah blah blah

    but somehow, one its becoming very slow thanks to XP and other Microsoft softwares coming out every day. Any games I play now are WAY too slow. But apart from that the laptop runs fine, and since I am in university most of the time doing work the laptop is worth every penny to me.

    But I got a wierd idea earlier today, which it possible for me to buy a motherboard, hd, mem cards, vid cards (GE Force preferably for games ), and compile it into a desktop and then hook it up to my that I can use the desktop comp as my second drive, the laptop drive being my first.

    Has anyone done something of this sort before?

    Another feature it can/cannot have is the ability to run ONLY my laptop montior with the desktop I know THIS might be a long shot but anyways I just wanted to get that info

    Any responses MUCH appreciated

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    i played around with a lcd that i got from ebay and hooked it it up to a vga port with an adapter and hours of hacking around with the wires.

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    Sounds like your trying to reinvent the wheel to me if your carrying round a desktop box, it's not exactly a laptop any more! Why not just buy an external usb hardrive, or upgrade your current laptop, or even better leave the games at home and use the laptop for work.
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