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    Deny server access by *.com

    Anyone using APF Firewall:

    Is it possible to ban people, similarly to how it can be done in .htaccess?

    deny from .ca
    = (canada) deny people from isp's using .ca
    and so on..

    I already achieve this via htaccess, but this doesn't stop the turds from trying to probe my server for root exploits and whatnot. The majority of probes I get are from a certain country extension.

    (FYI: I am not looking to ban canada! just using .ca as an example)

    ........If this can be done, via what command?
    Presently I use:
    /etc/apf/deny_hosts.rules (bulk edit)

    single edit:
    apf -d single ip (to ban an IP)

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    no, because you are talking about denying via TLD, which assumes that each IP has a correct and relevant rDNS record assigned, which many do not.

    you can ban via IP ranges, but not via their hostnames.
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    Try this resource

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    Excellent website, saves time for people trying to block a country


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    That's a very neat site, thanks.

    Not sure how accurate it is though, it's missing several ranges for Canada.

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