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    Reliable JSP/Servlets Host?

    I would request some experienced people to suggest a reliable web host for following specs:

    JSP/Servlets Support
    Around 400 MB space
    Around 40 GB/Month Bandwidth
    50 Pop e-mail accounts
    Useful Web traffic analyser
    Linux/Unix based hosting
    Pricing ~100 US$/Month

    Tried a lot but couldn't find a good one.

    Thanx in adv

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    why don't you look around for a virtual environment/ virtual dedicated account and install jboss on it?

    once you've done playing around and developing with it, go for a dedicated server.

    jsp/servlets take up a lot of server resources, and not a lot of hosting people have experience setting it up, so you're chances of finding something adequate is slim to none.

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    Thanks but i didn't completey understand your suggestion? you mean taking a dedicated server from some host? or do my own hosting?

    currenly we are hosting on myservlethosting but finding it costly for many hidden costs?

    yes, i do agree but im sure there are some good hosts suiting our needs.

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    Just get a RackShack box Or if you'd like to save some money, find a good VDS host, like anantatman said.

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    Try Ispserver.
    I heard good responses about them, they have what u asked for. You can get about 10 days for testing.

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    we used these guys for a loooooooong time...

    they specialize in java/jsp hosting.. i was trying to remember their domain.

    support's not good enough, but their servers kick a$$

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    I recommend that you go for a hosting company that use Resin JSP / Servlet engine. It is way more dynamic and usable than Tomcat.

    I like to help

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    resin is ok.. but jboss is better in usability and support (more people using it) the jboss / tomcat package is probably the best free app server around

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    Thanx but mmaweb is too costly at 10$/GB bandwidth.

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    well, as i said, there are a very few hosts that offer it correctly and since it is a niche market, it gets expensive. i still suggest to you to go for a virtual dedicated server which will be much cheaper.

    contact me as I can't offer you anything in this forum.

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    JSP/Servlets host are not cheap, Tomcat or Resim use a lot of resources, that's why we (hosts) have to charge more for that service to cover the cost that those applications involve in Hardware, support, less accounts per server, etc.
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    Exactly, JSP/J2EE has done well in the enterprise market, but really not too well for "regular" web designers. The learning curve compared to plain old PHP and ASP is way to high, thus less users. Because there's not enough demand, the supply won't come up to what you're looking for.

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    They're JSP freaks.

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