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    Hows CWI Hosting?

    I would request someone who has used this hosting to please give me feedback on CWI Hosting?

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    thanx for your prompt response

    theres recent site reorganization..

    heres the correct link:

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    Thanx for the info. I am glad that I enquired about it.

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    * My feedback on CWI


    I currently have an account with CWI, but I'm in the process of moving out of their account. It's going to take me a couple of weeks to make the transition to another website because I have an online business that is running on cwi.

    For the most part cwi is becoming un-reliable. They seem to slow down and my pages get timed out during the day at times and also in the earyl morning about 3am central time US. Evertime I see that my web page is timing out, I have to send them a notice and they tell me the site is working fine. I had to learn on my own that , yes my site is up, but if anyone with a 56k modem tries to get to my site it can take them up to 2 minutes to see my web page. So, yeah they are telling me the truth that my site isn't down. But they don't mention that my site is getting slowed down at times. That is was really annoyed me to the point of looking elsewhere.

    I've written them many times about this and they keep telling me they are going to make changes. But well it doesnt seem to happen. I've had problems with them recently not telling me they were moving my pages from one server to another. As a result, my website was not functioning for two weeks and I didn't catch the problem until later. That got me pretty angry and then they had the nerve to tell me they didnt move anything. However, the changes they did could only be made from their end and not by me.

    The reason I'm moving over to another web provider is also based on price and more importantly on service. I found a web provider that gives me the space I need, 50mb, and also they give me residual money if I refer other people. I've been testing the new providers uptime and speed for the past two months and it's been much more reliable. Also, I like the more reasonable price of just $5 a month. I was and am still paying $15 a month for cwi and I dont use all that space. I used to work for an ISP and from experience I know that companies try to attract you by telling you they'll give you alot of space. But the fact is they usually dont give you all that space until you use it.

    In addition, CWI charges $5 a month or $60 a year to host any additional domains which to me is a lot. My new account I have charges $15 for 12 months or basically $1.25 a month. By making a change I've saved over 50% and also I know for now that my web pages are going to be up during the heavy traffic hours.

    I've used CWI for over a year now so I can say I've had some experience with them. If you'd like to know who my new web host is send me an email and I'll let you know. In the meantime, I hope this information has been helpful and if you can, please visit my website at It's a free web site for web masters and freelance programmers. Have a great day.

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    I used to have an account under CWI Hosting, but their support took a very fast downhill slide. At first, I was able to get support within 6-12 hours of when I needed, but by the time I left, it took probably 4 days-1 week to get any help. But, they do use CPanel, which is a big plus for me (not fond of Ensim).

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    I've been doing a programming project for someone who hosts with them. I've found them to be insecure (vulnerable versions of apache and PHP), overloaded, and slow.

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