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    Hi Fellow Developers,

    Ever hear that great song on the Huey Lewis and the News sports album, "Finally Found A Home"? Well, I did...

    I am a website developer who has developed 6 or 7 commercial e-commerce type sites. In so doing I have used about 2 or 3 different hosting companies and generally found most of them to 1) be erratic regarding uptime; 2) to have erratic, incompetent, unreliable, or unintelligent support; and 3) to radically deviate from any claims of adherence to ethical business practices posted on their websites!

    Fortunately I found a shining star in the nightmarish cyberhorizon of inexpensive yet untrustworthy web hosting companies. This happened for me last June when I moved two of my sites to, a new company from Rhode Island. Finally, I found a hosting company that provided me with 1) great prices; 2) powerful features (MySQL, PHP4, SSL, bandwidth, storage, decent control panel, etc.); and most important of all, 3) fast, reliable and very intelligent support.

    I would also like to state emphatically that I am not affiliated with in any way, nor do I have any sort of connection or financial interest in that company. I am, however, very happy about finding a decent home for my sites and I would really like to tell other designers and developers who may have had similar experiences to mine. Also, there's so much mediocrity in the field that it motivates me to bestow an outstanding company with accolades when they're truly deserved.

    If you're looking for low cost hosting and high quality support, check out

    I'd like to hear of other great companies from you out there, but this is one I wholeheartedly recommend based on my experiences so far.

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    Very well written, and sounding like poetry.

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    I just wanted to say a quick but heartfelt thank-you for this. It's good to know that we're doing things right!

    Best wishes,
    Fast, reliable dual Intel Xeon servers
    Excellent uptime record
    Efficient and friendly support

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